Flow of referral operations and job introductions

Flow of Job Placement

01. Staff Registration

We will interview you regarding your business experience, desired job type and work location.

02. Job Introduction

We will contact you when we find a job that meets your requirements.

03. Workplace visit

You and the coordinator in charge will visit the place of employment introduced to you and observe the workplace.

04. Decision of job and various procedures

After the placement has been decided, a contract (a letter of clarification of working conditions) will be given to the employee, and the employment procedures will be carried out.

05. Start of work

Please feel free to consult with our coordinator about your job after you start working. We will support you by e-mail, telephone, or by visiting you at your place of employment.

Support services as a registered support organization


Advance Guidance

Explanation of working conditions, activities, immigration procedures, whether or not a security deposit is required, etc. after the employment contract is concluded and before applying for a certificate of eligibility or permission to change status of residence, either in person or via videoconference.


Pick-up and drop-off when entering and leaving the country

Transportation to and from airports and other places of business or residence at the time of entry into Japan.  Transportation and accompaniment to and from the airport security checkpoint upon return to Japan


Support for contracts related to securing housing and living

Become a joint guarantor, provide company housing, etc. Opening of bank accounts, etc., and cell phones Assistance with various procedures


Orientation for daily life

Explanation of Japanese rules and manners for smooth social life, how to use public institutions, contact information, and what to do in case of disasters, etc.


Accompanying clients to official procedures, etc.

Accompanying and assisting with documentation for residence, social security, tax, and other procedures as needed.


Providing opportunities to learn Japanese

Providing enrollment information for Japanese language classes, etc., and information on Japanese language learning materials, etc.


Response to consultations and complaints

Respond to consultations and complaints at the workplace and in daily life in a language that foreigners can fully understand, and provide necessary advice and guidance according to the content.


Promotion of exchange with Japanese

Provide opportunities to interact with local residents, guide them to local festivals and other events, and assist them in participating in such events, etc.


Job change assistance (in case of redundancy)

Assistance in finding a new job when the employment contract is terminated for the host's own reasons and preparation of letters of recommendation, as well as granting paid leave to conduct job search and providing information on necessary administrative procedures.


Periodic interviews and reporting to administrative agencies

The person in charge of support meets regularly (at least once every three months) with the foreigner and his/her supervisor, etc., and reports any violations of the Labor Standards Law, etc.